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The SFX StrengthFarm Training app is for anyone who wants to get stronger, fitter, and more explosive.

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The Process

Understanding that trust in the process is what creates consistent progress is what separates great from good.


SFX was created by Sam Johnson, a Black Veteran of the United States Air Force and Founder of the gym, StrengthFarm. Sam believes Strength is for Everyone and SFX StrengthFarm Training has the power to help people of all walks in life. SFX is available and affordable for anyone, anywhere and is the system Sam created while training young people, working professionals, people with disabilities, amateur athletes, professional athletes and military members at StrengthFarm. SFX is the key to anyone, anywhere being able to access StrengthFarm Training and becoming stronger for their lifestyle.

The SFX App is the result of a partnership between Co-Founders Sam Johnson and Danny Decker, who share the vision of improving the performance of all people and to help fight against the epidemic of injuries and sickness in the world. From years of training thousands of people at StrengthFarm, Sam developed the multi-disciplinary SFX StrengthFarm training system that focuses on strength, conditioning, speed, and mobility for building full-body explosive strength in people of all ages.

In 2019, Sam approached Danny who he had been actively training at StrengthFarm for three years, and asked if he wanted to partner on building an app that would provide people access to StrengthFarm Training using the SFX system. Danny with 17 years of design, marketing, branding, and digital knowledge and having experienced StrengthFarm Training first hand was excited to create an app that gave people anywhere the opportunity to benefit in ways Danny had from the custom programing tailored to his physical abilities at StrengthFarm.

SFX is StrengthFarm Training.

SFX Testimonials

The cleans, front squats, single-leg, and single-arm work have made a huge difference in creating strength balance, and explosiveness in my body as a whole."

Ryan Nall

Running Back, Chicago Bears

I've been using the SFX program for 12 months, I added 30lbs of muscle, gained 6" on my vertical jump, 9" on my broad jump, 3 minutes on my plank hold and received a full ride scholarship to play basketball in College."

Tucker Pellicci


I’ve always liked the programming and the app is nice whereas I can knock out a workout in 30 minutes."


Marine / SWAT Police Officer

We want athletes everywhere to train how professional athletes train.

athletic into graphic
athletic into graphic
athletic into graphic

We want athletes everywhere to train how professional athletes train.

Our initial assessment is the key in building your custom training program and unlocking your full potential. In our assessment you will test your lower body strength and speed as well as your full body conditioning which will provide the SFX system the data to create your custom training program.

Key Features

SFX Mobile App
Personalized Training

SFX routines are designed and calibrated to each individuals body weight, strength, and athletic ability. We test and retest, keeping our training programs very relevant for each month of the year.

SFX Mobile App
How-To Training Videos

Each exercise we have athletes do throughout their programs is demonstrated and verbally instructed by our certified professional Strength Coaches.

SFX Mobile App
Athletic Performance

Our system uses a combination of foundational strength training and pairs it with explosive plyometrics, followed by sports conditioning movements and mobility for injury prevention.

SFX Mobile App
Social Engagement

Invite your friends and teammates to join you in your SFX training program. Leaderboards allow users to compare their statistics and star rankings for a little friendly competition.

SFX Performance System

Athletes who use the SFX system will train to improve
all athletic qualities for increased performance.

Plank Hold

Great measure for core strength endurance, mental toughness, and full body stability. The longer an athlete can plank, the less injury prone they are.

Broad Jump

Despite the popularity of vertical jump tests, many sporting tasks require horizontal or a combination of horizontal and vertical force production. The further an athlete broad jumps relative to their height, the more explosive they are.

Relative Strength

Relative strength is how heavy athletes lift compared to their body weight. When athletes produce force greater than their body weight they are demonstrating high relative strength.

Strength icon

The key to developing more explosiveness and higher capacity for speed. Strength is the foundation for all athletic qualities, the stronger an athlete is relative to their own body weight, the more power potential they possess.

Speed icon

The most potent athletic quality that can separate elite athletes from the rest. Strength with speed and vice versa is the most effective combination for athletic dominance, together they equal power.

Conditioning icon

Ability to work through athletic and sports specific movements without losing power output. The better conditioning and agility athletes have in all planes of movement, the more easily they dominate at the end of their games.

Mobility icon

The combination of flexibility and stability, this is the most important work done to prevent injury. Every routine the SFX system produces will include relevant mobility work for athletes to complete during training. Athletes that practice mobility often, become bulletproof.

Free 30-Day Trial

The SFX StrengthFarm Training App offers coaches and athletes a free 30-day trial. Available now for download on the Apple Store and Google Play.